Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jewish Radio has a new sound - Josh Broide is Live

It's always been a dream of mine to host a radio program, but up until this point it was very difficult to find the medium that could reach a large audience. Finally, with the growth of the Internet and advances in technology, I finally found the perfect match. So far I have only done two shows, but I have two more lined up and ready to go this Thursday and Friday morning. Were it not for a short trip to Israel, this program would already be a daily show.
The name of the program is Jewish Pride, a personal platform to express my views on current events Jewish lenses. There have also been a few requests for interviews and I will begin lining up some great personalities when I get get back to America.
Until then .... it's just you and me.
Tune in tomorrow at 9:00 am for a thirty minute show that you are sure to enjoy!
Go to to hear the Jewish Radio show hosted by Josh Broide and visit the Boca Raton Jewish Experience at

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