Tuesday, December 29, 2009

'Click the Share button to create links to this email on popular social networking and bookmarking size like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.'

'Click the Share button to create links to this email on popular social networking and bookmarking size like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg.'
The next step is to divide the shul list into groups.
1) The most important list is the members of our shul that believe in the need for outreach. There are plenty of people that have a passion for outreach but there is noone else who is coordinating the effort. This group will be out on the frontlines, engaging people in converstaion and making a kiddush hashem with everyone.
2) The second level are those people who might not be an initiator, but is certainly willing toi host someone for a Shabbat meal. This list needs to be further divided into two lists, one whop needs to have lots of notice and those that can accept guests at the last minute.
The key to the success of wither of these lists is to maintain a good database> todd gave me the name of a guy that designed the new NCSY database, perhaps he could help me as well.
Take care,
Tonight I began teaching the first part of a five past series titled the "Crash Course in Jewish History". Its not easy to squeeze 1000 years of Jewish history into a one hour class but we did it. The class really enabled everyone to connect the dots between the famous stories we are all familiar with. It filled in the blanks and blended the stories into one cohesive story with a clear beginning and end. This class set the stage for all of the events that are about the happen. Jewish history is a subject that is essential to our future because as the cliche goes if we don't learn from our history we are bound to repeat the same mistakes again.
Project Inspire is taking off and inspiring people all over Boca Raton. The next step in the process is the add a Youth component for those families with children. Over the next three weeks I will begin advertising a bunch of exciting programs, including an outdoor movie night, a magic show and a new "version" of Veshinantam Levanecha, a program that enables parents and children to spend quality time learning together as well as bonding through singing.
This is only the beginning and the future is looking very brite!
All the best and your suggestions are certainly welcome.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Second Shabbos was a Success

We ran our second Friday Night Live event this past week. it was really nice to see new faces come to the program. I really believe that each of the attendees are finding the event meaningful. My wife and I are hosting a Chanukah Party this week and anticipate a nice crowd. The weekly outreach committee meeting will take place at the shul as it does each week at 7:30 pm. We have an incredible opportunity this week to set up a small booth at our local Publix Supermarket. We will hand out some latkes, have a lit menorah and hopefully be able to teach those who are unaffiliated about the beauty of Chanukah. I hope that everyone I spoke to this past Shabbos, will find a family to host for a candle lighting on at leas one night of Chanukah this week.