Sunday, February 20, 2011

March of the Living Southern Region Retreat in Boca

Holocaust survivors addressing the teenagers
Today the participants of the March of the Living attended a full day retreat at the Federation of South Palm Beach County. Students came from all over the Palm Beach and also from as far away Tampa to attend a full day of educational programs. The students had the opportunity to meet one another and finally meet all of the people that will be on the experience with them, They all worked on an art project that they will bring back after the March and realize how the impact of the trip has changed their perspective on what they anticipated today. They heard real life accounts from Holocaust survivors about the horrors that they had to endure. There was another interesting exercise which introduced the teenagers to the ZOA, AIPAC and J-Street. Although some of the students were familiar with some of the facts about one or two of the non-governmental agencies, few if any of them new the platforms of all three. It forced everyone to look at the other perspectives and question any pre-conceived notions.
Thanks to Jack Rosenbaum for putting together a very good program.

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