Thursday, March 3, 2011

Want More Love In Your Life? Find Your Passion First

What would you do to find more love in your life?
You don’t have to lose your head for love. But you do need to find your passion. You need to discover your passion for life, for yourself, for the world around you.

A person who has discovered their passion is irresistibly attractive to others. You have met them before ­ people who exude a sense of joie de vivre. They have a natural joy and enthusiasm that permeates their entire being and impacts everyone around them.

The art of being irresistibly attractive to others requires that we do something which can be quite difficult. It requires us to love and respect ourselves enough to live to our fullest potential ­ to discover and live our passion.

Only when we see ourselves as lovable and embrace our own authentic qualities, needs, ideas, values, and personality traits, do we release the pheromones of attractiveness to others. Although not everyone will be intrigued by your authenticity, those who are attracted to you will generally be emotionally intelligent, mature individuals who value genuine and unaffected relationships.

The quality of the relationships and love we attract is a reflection of the quality of life we choose for ourselves.

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