Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 2 in Poland on the March of the Living 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011
After staying awake for the past two days, we finally had a chance to get a good night sleep. We all checked into the Novotel Hotel in Warsaw and ended the day with a Mifgash, a chance for everyone to take a look back at the day. After visiting the Warsaw Ghetto and the Warsaw Cemetery we a chance to see how big the city of Warsaw is and to think that all of the Jews that once lived here were killed by the Nazi’s was very scary. This morning we started the day with Tefiila and I had the opportunity to once again lead an explanatory service. We had a great crowd for a discusision about the meaning of Teffilah and why we pray in the first place. It was so refreshing to see how at any age we can all learn new things and find new ways to grow.
After breakfast we left Warsaw and headed to the Lodz. This is the first time that the March of the Living has ever been to the city so I really dint know what to expect. There was a very impressive memorial to the Jews that once lived in this city and were led to the Concentration Camps. Once of the most important pieces was the catle car that was used to transport the Jews to the CCamps. Theis was a genuine car and not a replica. It was ado important to realize that alyhough you can see a catle car in a number of holocaust museaums in Aneica, there is nthing that can compare to seeing one In the actual place that it was once used. After lunch, we packed up and are headed for Krakow for Shabbat.

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