Monday, August 22, 2011

TJJ Bus 5 - Shabbos in Pki'in

After leaving the holy city of Tzfat on Friday, we headed back to the hotel to prepare for Shabbos. This was this first shabbos that we would be spending together on TJJ and I am so happy to report that TJJ Bus 5 didn’t disappoint. After a week of hiking and touring, the transition to Shabbos was spectacular. Everyone came to the synagogue in their special shabbos clothing and you could tell that there was something special about to happen. After a spirited service we all sat together at a large table and enjoyed a delicious meal and leaned a few new Shabbos songs. After dinner we all went back to the shul for a “tish” the yiddish word for table, and everyone sat around the table for dessert and more singing and a special “cholent” made by the Bus 5 advisors. There were many other highlights on Shabbos, including lots of free time to get closer with each other and informal educational classes with the advisors. As Shabbos came to a close there is a long standing tradition in NCSY to run a program called “as Shbbbos ebs away” where everyone sits in a circle and sings slower (not quite, just slower) and more inspirational songs. A number of teens who had never dreamt of observing Shabbos, found it surprisingly easy in the no pressure environment. So many people came over to the advisors and remarked how they really enjoyed the past week and found making new friends was easier than they expected. After Shabbos the girls had a dance party and the boys watched a movie and everyone got together for delicious Israeli Pizza! Now its Sunday morning and we just packed up the bus and left the city of Pki’in and will check into our new hotel in Tzfat tonight. Please check out the Havdalah pictures on Facebook and stay tuned for regular Twitter updates with new pictures as well. And tune into Jewish Pride Radio at approximately 6:00 am EST for the live updates on the radio show. What a great group!! And please tell your relative and friend to join us on the Facebook and Twitter pages so that they can see the magic as it unfolds.

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