Friday, May 4, 2012

Hear about the experience

The March of the Living 2012

There is nothing like being back in Boca Raton after spending two weeks abroad in Poland and Israel. Of course it goes without saying that I really missed my family and being away is not easy. And it's also not because the food might not be up to our usual standards or that the accommodations might be a little uncomfortable. Rather it's because I had a chance once again to see firsthand how two weeks away from Boca Raton in these two countries can have such a positive impact on their Jewish identity. And that eagerness to get back to "real life" is because we want to take that inspiration and energy and do something tangible with it right now. These teenagers are all about to graduate high school and I know that will never forget this experience and the leadership roles that they will assume in our Jewish communities and around the world. It's hard to describe in words what we all experienced, but that's not going to stop us from trying this Shabbat. 

I hope that you can join me and the teenagers as they share their personal thoughts about the March of the Living. If you know anyone that will be a senior in any of the local high schools, please encourage them and their families to attend the program that will take place this Shabbat at Seudat Shlishiet at approximately 7:15pm in the Social Hall at Boca Raton Synagogue. I am so thankful to Simone who continues to let me participate on the March of the Living and for our community's commitment to this valuable program.

I also look forward to seeing all of you at Friday Night Live tonight at 6:00pm and share some of the excitement with you as well. I really want to thank Daniel Adler and Shimmie Kaminetsky for filling in while I was away and thank Liz Serra and Merle Ringer  for taking care of the Kiddush each week.

Inspire yourself to inspire others...  

Thank you and have a great Shabbat,

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