Friday, November 4, 2011

Share One Shabbos (SOS) is Back!!

More than 30 new families moved into our community over the summer so I realized that there are some people that have never heard of our most successful outreach program in BRS history “Share One Shabbos (SOS)”. And for other in our community “Share One Shabbos” happened so long ago that they forgot how easy it was to participate. Ladies and gentleman, there is no easier outreach program in the world than SOS. On November 18th after you return home from shul, you will sit down with your friends and family like you do every Shabbat. All we are asking of you is to set an extra place for someone else who has not been to a traditional Shabbat dinner. We are not asking you to come up with new recipes or even a special program, just make your regular dinner and watch as your new guests are blown away by the Shabbat experience. I still remember some of you inviting a dozen people to your table!
 The best part that I recall was everyone who participated had an amazing experience. So now that you’ve been reminded and would like to participate, you are probably wondering how you can sign up. Well with our new website, we’ve streamlined the process and you can sign up right on our homepage in the top box that says “Happening Now at Boca Raton Synagogue”. Once you register for SOS II you will be added to the list that will be published next week, so everyone will know that you made the commitment. Please don’t wait any longer and make the commitment to invite someone for SOS II on November 18th.

Inspire yourself to inspire others…


Rabbi Josh Broide

Veshinantam Season 12 is back in just 29 Days!!!!


Look what they are saying….

Hi Rabbi Broide,

Just wanted to thank you for today’s park and learn class, I really enjoyed it!!! Looking forward to next week’s class!!




Hi Rabbi, (still hard for me to say Josh, but I'll get used to it)

Thanks for taking the time to have coffee with me yesterday and listening to our story. I appreciate how you explained BRS, its mission, and its community. Thanks also for all the help you offered in making my wife Rina and I comfortable in that setting. I am hopeful in the near future we will be able to take you up on your offer.

Thanks again and Shabbat Shalom,



Dear Rabbi Broide,

It was so nice meeting you at the Federations “After Hours” event at Wendy Pressner’s. It was an amazingly electric evening – in large part because of the spark you ignited! How beautifully you spoke and it really resonated with the women. Thanks.



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