Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tonight I began teaching the first part of a five past series titled the "Crash Course in Jewish History". Its not easy to squeeze 1000 years of Jewish history into a one hour class but we did it. The class really enabled everyone to connect the dots between the famous stories we are all familiar with. It filled in the blanks and blended the stories into one cohesive story with a clear beginning and end. This class set the stage for all of the events that are about the happen. Jewish history is a subject that is essential to our future because as the cliche goes if we don't learn from our history we are bound to repeat the same mistakes again.
Project Inspire is taking off and inspiring people all over Boca Raton. The next step in the process is the add a Youth component for those families with children. Over the next three weeks I will begin advertising a bunch of exciting programs, including an outdoor movie night, a magic show and a new "version" of Veshinantam Levanecha, a program that enables parents and children to spend quality time learning together as well as bonding through singing.
This is only the beginning and the future is looking very brite!
All the best and your suggestions are certainly welcome.

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