Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The next step is to divide the shul list into groups.
1) The most important list is the members of our shul that believe in the need for outreach. There are plenty of people that have a passion for outreach but there is noone else who is coordinating the effort. This group will be out on the frontlines, engaging people in converstaion and making a kiddush hashem with everyone.
2) The second level are those people who might not be an initiator, but is certainly willing toi host someone for a Shabbat meal. This list needs to be further divided into two lists, one whop needs to have lots of notice and those that can accept guests at the last minute.
The key to the success of wither of these lists is to maintain a good database> todd gave me the name of a guy that designed the new NCSY database, perhaps he could help me as well.
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