Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Elijah's Song for Elijah Webberly - Matisyahu

Elijah's Song by SamaraPressHere

Elijah Webberly & Matisyahu
Excerpt from Moment Magazine article "Singing a New Song" by Steven Philp:

"Jewish hip-hop sensation Matisyahu uploaded a new single that serves as a reminder that the most profound inspiration can manifest in the most unexpected places. It started with an unlikely friendship, between Matisyahu and a young boy named Elijah. Although Elijah was battling cancer, his indefatigable spirit inspired the hip-hop artist prompting several years of after-concert visits and phone exchanges. When Matisyahu was on tour this year, Elijah came to his concert in Florida and asked if they could record a song together. The next morning the boy was admitted to intensive care. With his acoustic accompanist and recording equipment in tow, Matisyahu showed up at the hospital that evening. The result was "Elijah's Song." According to Matisyahu, most of the words and many of the lyrical decisions were made by the young boy."

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