Friday, September 23, 2011

Just One Shabbos... to go

It's hard to believe that in less than a week Jews all over the world will gather together for an awe inspiring Rosh Hashana experience. It doesn't make a difference how far away someone feels from Judaism, because there is something about this time of year that draws everyone back home. However, I often hear from people that decided to attend a High Holiday service that they expected to walk away feeling energized but to their dismay they feel exhausted. In a traditional service, the Machzor (Rosh Hashana prayer book) has hundreds of pages. All of the prayers are said in a language that we are not that familiar with and if you actually make it through to the end you barely have enough energy to get back home. So what happened to the energy and inspiration?

For the most part its due to a lack of preparation. Judaism always insists that we work hard for something if we truly want it to have a real impact. Now that our Rosh Hashana Beginner service is completely full, I hope that those of you that have signed up or even those of you that are attending another service will make the effort to enhance your synagogue experience this year, with a special Rosh Hashana Workshop, or what I'd call a pump up session. The service we are running will be very easy to follow, with discussions are all in English and all of the Hebrew texts will be transliterated to make it easier to follow. With that said, we will be starting promptly at 6:45pm with the service. But I want you to think for a moment how great it would be if after attending a simple one hour class on Monday night you would be able to enter the Rosh Hashana experience with a clear focus and direction. That's what we are trying to accomplish with our special Rosh Hashana Workshop on Monday night. I want to make sure that this year's experience will be the best one you have ever had. But I need your help to put in the effort to show up. Please see below for more information about this important class.

Please take a moment to read about all of the new programs that have just been announced. There are also links to all of the interviews that I conducted on Jewish Pride Radio that includes two shows on the ABC's of Rosh Hashana, great interviews and live coverage of the Rally for Israel in NYC. Links to a couple of new videos are all over the email as well. I hope to see you this Shabbat at Friday Night Live at 6:00pm and at the Lome Family Explanatory Service at 10:00am. Even if you have never attended before come and see why everyone keeps coming back for more. Thanks for voting in the Jewish Community Heroes Contest and please remember that you can vote every 24 hours. Stay tuned for the details about a special Sukkot dinner in the Boca Raton Synagogue Sukkah and so much more.

Have an amazing Shabbat and I really hope to see you soon!

Inspire yourself to inspire others...
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