Friday, September 16, 2011

Final week to sign up

What a week it’s been and each and every day is bringing new opportunities to connect people with our Jewish community. If you just keep your eyes open and listen to the subtle messages that are being sent your way, you will find that God has many wonderful things in store for you right now.

Over the past few months one of the biggest complaints that I have been hearing from our guests that attend programs at Boca Raton Synagogue is feeling unwelcome. SO many people have finally built up the courage to step into a synagogue, one which they were not familiar with and when they arrive one of two things happen. Either they are lucky and find the class, program service right away or they end up getting lost and no one is available to help them. That’s all about to change with the introduction of our new Greeter and Usher committee that will begin greeting all of our guests this Saturday morning. We just had the first committee meeting and came up with so many ideas to implement right away.

This is the final week to sign up for the free Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur services. So if you would like to attend the amazing beginner service or if you know someone that might enjoy attending, even if they haven’t been to a synagogue in years, please tell them to visit right away. The Boca Raton Jewish Experience is also committed to being there for those unaffiliated members in our Jewish community that have nowhere else to turn. Maybe you know someone that just moved here from out of state or someone that is ill, please let us welcome them together.

This week I will be traveling to New York City to take part in a rally against the United Nation’s Durban 3. If you plan on being in the NYC on Wednesday, please contact me so we can meet at the rally. Jewish Pride Radio will be broadcasting live from the rally at noon, so if you can’t be there in person, you can follow the rally in real time at If you missed any of my live broadcasts this week, please see below for a link to each of them. I would like to point out that there were two great interviews that we did this week, one with the Hillel of UF and the other is Zehayom, a Jewish network for various addictions.

We are also putting the final touches on the November class schedule and the locations of the lunch and learns, please let me know if you have an office that would like to host one. Check out all of the video and links below and please pass them on to your friends!!

Thanks again for making outreach a priority in your life and if you haven’t voted today for us in the Jewish Federations of North America Jewish Community Hero competition, please click here right now.

I hope to see you on Shabbat at Boca Raton Synagogue and remember that Friday Night Live starts at 6:00pm and the Lome Family Explanatory Service begins on Saturday at 10:00am.

May God bless you with an amazing weekend and I hope that you have a chance to enjoy Shabbos with friends and family!

Shabbat Shalom


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